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Ganesha is Gorgeous

The story behind the story...

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Published on June 1st, 2021 to observe the commencement of Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride month, Ganesha is Gorgeous is more than a children's book. It is written to be a friend, full of unconditional love and support, for the inner child in all of us. Young and old. 

Like many of us during this pandemic, I needed a project to fill the long hours indoors. Never any good at baking, perfecting a loaf of banana bread was out of the question. Writing a children’s book, I fancied, could be a whimsical way to pass some time. It would be fun pretending to be creative!


About a year into working on this book, and towards the end of a tearful therapy session, I had a sudden breakthrough. Without realizing it at first, I had embarked on a journey that was long overdue. It entailed visiting the hidden or shadow side within myself, a part we all have. As a subconscious part of this process, I was writing this book for the younger me . . . I was little Ganesha! And I was finally ready to sit with and recover from some old wounds. At the end of the book, you will find a letter I wrote to myself as part of this powerful journey we call healing. 


This book is a celebration of beautiful human diversity. It is written for everyone who feels like they do not belong. In its words are my innermost wishes for an inclusive and equitable world: one that will uplift and empower all our children. Imagine a future where kids are unconditionally accepted, along with every bit of magical difference they are born with, try on, or develop. Kids should be able to be free to explore and express who they are, especially right now, when the world outside seems so scary. They should be encouraged to learn, grow, mature, and ultimately be themselves. There is a special form of liberation in hearing this powerfully affirming message from the adults in their life: Be Yourself. 


Ganesha is Gorgeous is my message of love and unity, when our world is full of grief and division. I hope you find the same support and healing in reading it that I have found in writing it. 

Read more about my journey of healing and my inspiration to write Ganesha is Gorgeous here. Click here to purchase a copy. 


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