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Anti-Bullying Resources


  1. Stop Bullying Now Hotline (Available 24/7) 1-800-273-8255 - Learn more here.

  2. - An excellent list of resources for kids, parents/ guardians, teachers. Learn more here.

  3. Learn basics about bullying and stopping it with this comprehensive resource. Click here

  4. Learn about the National Bullying Prevention Center and its resources here

  5. has an extensive list of learning and anti-bullying resources here.

  6. Committee for Children has a comprehensive list of resources and learning videos. Click here.

  7. Stomp Out Bullying has excellent learning resources for parents/ guardians and teachers. Click here.

  8. Edutopia has another excellent resource list. Click here.

  9. Safe Kids has an extensive resource list on cyberbullying. Click here.

  10. Bully Bust is another resource list worth checking out. Click here.      

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